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No costs for buyers


Pricing in Dollar (USD)
Type Price Period Notes
Hawker free Marketplace Ad only
Kiosk $ 96 annual 1 product
 - Small $ 18 month* < 50 Products
 - Medium $ 36 month* < 500 Products
 - Large $ 83 month* < 2000 Products
 - Hyper $ 303 month* < 20000 Products
Seconds free Private used goods
* Pay annually to receive a 20% discount.


Package Price Period Notes
Specials $ 15 30 hrs 5 x 6 hour slots
Power Target marketing
 - Local $ 30 month City / Town
 - District $ 90 month Municipal district
 - Region $ 450 month State or Province
 - National $ 1500 month Entire country
 - Position bid month Bid for position
NOTE: A standard marketplace ad is FREE with every shop.


When you take online payments, we charge a fixed fee on each payment to cover processing and risks.


This is over & above the payment gateway fee charged by STRIPE.
These fees can be viewed at:

NOTE: Only for using our payment gateway.


  • RENTALS are best paid annually in advance as you achieve a 20% saving.
  • You may rent as many shops as you need.
  • POSITION bids (POWER ADS only) can improve the display position of your shop against the competition. Your bid amount will become effective immediately and the bid will be added to your next monthly invoice. You can increase / decrease your bid at any time.
  • FUTURE PAYMENTS can be setup as subscriptions (requires a credit card), or you can instruct your bank to make regular payments.
  • ADVERTISING SPECIALS packages give you 5 x 6 hour slots to run specials. Specials run in 6 hour slots, any unused slots can be used at any time in the future.
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